My Longest Run to Date

Last week in my recap post I mentioned that I planned to do the Gully Run on Sunday. 34 km of hills in Vancouver: basically the craziest way to start the day I can think of, but this marathon isn’t going to run itself.

I mostly want to dedicate a whole post to this run because I did it, and I think it worked pretty well. I was tired at the end, but not so tired that I couldn’t go another step. It gave me SO much more confidence that I will finish the marathon and not totally implode.


The run is basically a tour of the hills the old Broadway Running Room clinics used to use for their hill repeats, plus a bunch of mileage in between. You hit Queen E, 33rd, 29th, Nanton and King Ed, then up 16th/Dunbar and finally Camosun before you get to Blanca and coast allll the way back across the city.


I ate two honey stinger waffles (chocolate – meh, and honey – much better) at around 8 mi and 14 mi. I had a gel and honey stinger chews with me as well, but didn’t end up taking them. I carried a 10 oz hand held water bottle, and took a sip of water from the fountain at Queen E.

This brings me to the fuelling question that’s been on my brain for the past 2 days. My bottle was ~75% empty at mile 13, when I saw a guy with a hose and asked him for a refill :). For the marathon, I can a) carry a bigger bottle with more water, b) refill my bottle at water stations, c) drink from my bottle until it’s empty and then switch to water stations, d) just drink a bit less and start the run more hydrated.

I don’t think D is the right option. Jan suggested B because it’s easier to drink from a bottle than cups. A seems the easiest but would also require me to carry more weight (yes, an extra 150g is worth worrying about) and C is also practical but forces me to rely on the aid stations after my water runs out (what if they’re crowded? what if I spill my water? etc). Help, internet!

Food wise, I am going to stick with the waffles, I think. Gels have never been my friend and lately I have been taking very little food on runs, and making sure that whatever I do get is pretty solid. It’s working out, so I won’t mess with it. No more nauseous running!

I’m off for a longer mid-week run. I’ll be back at the end of the week with a recap.



3 thoughts on “My Longest Run to Date

  1. Great job Alyssa!

    I have a lot of problems with hydration myself. I can easily sweat 5-6 pounds in 90 minutes of the weather is right. There is no way I can rehydrate that much while running.

    I found drinking from the little race cups at aid stations isn’t enough for me.
    So, I started carrying a full sized water bottle. Instead of water, I use Gatorade G2. From what I read, I think the glucose in G or G2 with the water in it is enough calories so I don’t need solid nutrition for my race. But, I have only been doing half marathons in the last 6 years.

    Another nice thing about carrying a water bottle, I can’t run and drink from a baby paper cup. I need to walk. This slows me down. If I carry my own water, I can move faster, drink more and when I feel like I need it!

    Also, just drinking from the little cups on race day for a full marathon isn’t enough for me.

    I wouldn’t run with a hydration backpack. I see that in your photo. But, that is just me.

    I love the Ultimate direction hand held water bottle. It is formed for holding it in your hand. You can put stuff in a pocket in the wrap that goes around it and it helps you hold it.
    Available on

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