Bring on the Taper


As I’m writing this, we’re officially three weeks away from CIM, and today I did my last (super) long training run! It was really rainy out there today so I just got it done early in the morning. None of the usual suspects wanted to go as far, so Jan told me he would bike beside me again, keeping me company like he did when we ran 2 bridges a few weeks ago.

We went out to Stanley Park, wrapped around the Seawall, then up and over Burrard to Point Grey and eventually UBC. When we reached the campus, we turned around and came back through the Endowment Lands, along 8th ave, over the bridge and back past English Bay before heading home.


It pretty much rained the whole time, which meant I felt cool. I wore shorts, a long sleeve shirt, and a pair of calf sleeves for a little extra warmth. I carried water in my bigger handheld water bottle, an Ultimate Direction FastDraw 20. I also had 2 organic caramel HoneyStinger waffles, and had a couple of gels and a pack of HoneyStinger chews with me in case I wanted something different.

I tried to have a bigger breakfast than usual as well. I went with a piece of toast with banana and peanut butter, a large mug of half coffee/half almond milk, and a small piece of homemade pumpkin bread. I think it really helped.

On the run, I felt pretty good overall. The beginning was very comfortable, and I didn’t really feel like eating the first waffle around 11km. I knew I couldn’t get behind on nutrition, though, so I ate it over about 400m. I thought I would eat the next one around 25k, but at 22.5 I was suddenly feeling very cranky and Jan handed me the waffle and told me to eat it – I definitely felt better. Towards the end, I could totally have had a third, but we were ending and I knew I’d have real food soon. During the marathon, I think the plan will be 11k, 22k, 32k and maybe 37k if I feel like it. I plan to carry the four waffles, plus a pack of chews as backup.

I liked the easy access to water today with the larger bottle, but I didn’t like carrying 20 oz! I really felt like my arms were more fatigued. Do I need to be better atswitching hands more? (I definitely prefer my right). Or should I spend the next 3 weeks building some shoulder/arm strength? TBD.

As usual, thanks to Jan for taking photos, carrying food, biking beside me and generally being the best today!



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