Running Last Week (AKA CIM Training Update – 3 Weeks Out)

As of Sunday, I was three weeks out from CIM, and hit my peak mileage before the marathon.


In the 7 days between November 8th and November 14th, I ran 101.8 km. I normally track Monday – Sunday, so the weekly total my Strava sees is 94.2 km.

This is my highest mileage week, and I think it’s the highest mileage over 4 consecutive weeks as well (337.2 km). I am mostly happy with how my prep for this marathon has gone (lack of speed work notwithstanding) but I have to say that I have never been this tired.

Here’s a look at the past week:

Monday rest

Tuesday Election day! We had a bunch of friends over and so I squeezed in a run between work and everyone coming over. 6.2 mi

Wednesday I started my run a bit early and ended up at the Running Room, where the usuals were heading out for the standard 10k run. I headed out with Audree and Dave, then cut that run a bit short so that I ended up at home. Total = 10.3 mi

Thursday RunVan, as usual! This ended up being a really nice morning, and even though the time change is making the nights feel very early, it was great not to run in the dark. 5.1 mi

Friday Danielle is back to running post PDX marathon! She joined me for an early morning 7 mi around the park (and then we got coffee).

Friday evening I went out for a quick run with Jan to help get rid of the last bit of a headache he had. We did 2.8 mi for a total of 9.8 for the day.

Saturday Jan really had to help drag my butt out for this one, because we were busy around the house on Saturday morning, plus I had an 8 am meeting, and then spent the afternoon at work in the clinic. When I got home, I just didn’t feel up to it, but he convinced me to try. We ended up doing a great progression run. 4.5 mi

Sunday This was my solo long run! I devoted a whole post to it here. 22.1 mi.

Total for the week: 58.5 mi/ 8h 17m


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