Winter Fun


Ever since the marathon, it’s been kind of nice to do a bit less running and a bit more playing outside. I had a great time this weekend snowshoeing on Cypress, running on the snowy seawall, and then playing in Stanley Park with Jan.


Speaking of snow – there was a lot of it today. According to this chart, in 1948 Vancouver airport recorded 14.8 cm of snow. There were more than 5cm on the ground at our place today, and I’m sure other parts of the city got more.


When we went out for a run from the store, we immediately came across a car getting hopelessly stuck trying to use the on-ramp to the Cambie bridge. Luckily, the guys were happy to help bail him out!

Saturday was an amazingly clear day up on Cypress – we went snowshoeing to celebrate Danielle’s birthday! It was cold, but so sunny and there was tons of snow up there!


We climbed almost to the peak of Hollyburn mountain, which is pretty easy to access from the Nordic area of Cypress. Since we all already had snowshoes, it was really easy to just park the cars and head out onto the mountain.

The views were fantastic! Alyson, Pargol, me, and Danielle all posted a bunch of photos on Instagram – honestly one of the best winter fun days I’ve had since I’ve been in Vancouver! img_8263

So, now that I’m not spending so much time running (the plan is to hover around 50km/week for a few weeks and then see how it goes), what should I do? I started keeping a list of fun winter activities I want to do this year:

  • Snowshoe grind – the Grouse Grind is closed at this time of year. I actually did hike up with Danielle about a week ago, but it was only when we came back down that I realized they close it because of avalanche risk! It was a beautiful night (we hiked up on BCMC with head lamps), but apparently there is an actual “snowshoe grind” that you can get to on Grouse – fun and actually safe.
  • Tobogganing – Jan has never been tobogganing! Everyone needs to do this! In Vancouver you can toboggan or snow tube on Seymour or the top of Grouse, but I think we’ll get out my family’s old, tried and true wooden toboggan over Christmas.


  • Alpine snowshoeing – I’d definitely go back to Cypress, but I’d like to check out Seymour too.
  • Cross country skiing – you can do this on the North Shore mountains. I think there are lessons available too, which I’d need because I’ve not done very much.
  • Downhill skiing – I went to Whistler once last year, and while it was a really fun day, I have a few comments. As a day trip from Vancouver, it is a bit of a trek. Then, it’s crazy expensive (a day is $100). Finally, I’m not such a big skier that I need mountains as big as Whistler/Blackcomb. I found that I was working pretty hard to get down in once piece! So, I’m thinking this year will be about evening skiing on the local mountains – maybe more my speed.
  • Winter hiking/camping – Would be awesome to get to Elfin Lakes or Keith’s Hut.
  • And, just for fun, I’ll add Ice Climbing – apparently you can try it out in Squamish! Cool!

Anything to add to the list? I feel so lucky that I live in a place like this! 


2 thoughts on “Winter Fun

  1. Danielle @ Wild Coast Tales

    Count me in for your winter adventures! Haha There are so many trails on Seymour – Alan sent me a big list. Maybe I can convince Sylvia to do another overnight back-country snowshoeing trip and then that could get winter camping checked off your list!

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