Workouts Last Week

This past week felt like a roller coaster of workouts – between weather and odd work hours, I was just glad to be able to fit in the mileage. My mornings felt a lot snoozier (thanks, daylight savings!) but I LOVE having light into the evening hours. It means leaving work at six still gives me tons of time for a run outside, sans headlamp.

Monday I always rest on Mondays! This week I headed to Sechelt on an early ferry, then spent the rest of the day in the hospital and clinic.

Tuesday I had planned to get an easy run in, and it ended up being a little faster than I intended. Sometimes I get caught up in a “get it done” mentality (this directly relates to the length of my to-do list for the day) and an easy run morphs into a tempo. All good, though, since I was feeling comfortable. 12k | 4:41/km

Wednesday So, on Wednesday I worked all day. About an hour before leaving work, the sky turned super dark and it started raining. I tried to wait it out but the idea of running in the dark and rain was not appealing. I decided I probably wouldn’t totally die in the rain and just headed out to run. It did start to thunder towards the end, so I cut it short. 8.7k | 5:00/km

Thursday I ended work a little later and knew that if I went home first, I would lose all momentum. So, I decided to just throw my stuff in the car and run a loop from the parking lot at work. I found these great trails, and even though I got a bit lost, it ended up being a really fun run. 13.9k | 5:56/km

Friday I worked in the clinic during the day and had to head to the hospital for a night shift after, so I just wanted to get a shorter run in to get my blood flowing. The road that the clinic is on is a nice, long uphill, so I did a few repeats of that and called it a day :). 8k | 4:40/km Saturday I came home from the hospital in the morning, ate breakfast, and immediately went to bed :). I woke up around 11:30 and slowly started my day with some oatmeal and reading. Around 1, I knew I couldn’t put my long run off any longer and headed out. When I left Vancouver last weekend, I totally forgot that I would be doing my long run in Sechelt this weekend, and so I didn’t have any of my usual long run food with me (honey stingers and shot blocks, I’m looking at you). Before my night shift I picked up a couple of these Bounce bars at the grocery store. I ate one 16km into the run but it just sat like a rock in my stomach so I didn’t have any more. Another long run fuelling flop. Other than that though, the run went pretty well – a mix of road and trails with some good hills in there for me. 27k | 5:24/km

Sunday After a daytime ER shift, I squeezed in a little trail run to end the week. It was so beautiful and sunny out that I just couldn’t stay inside. 9.1k | 6:16/km

Total mileage: 79 km! How did your week go?


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