Workouts this Week

I feel like I barely made it to Friday night this week – finally walking into our place (and seeing my Belgian) after a packed clinic, ferry delays and bridge traffic was the best feeling.

On the running front, I felt a bit of fatigue this week as well, so it’s a good thing the next one will be a bit of a drop-back! Here’s what I ended up doing:

Monday Friday/Sunday call shifts and run last weekendI always rest on Mondays! I think I still had some sleep debt from the , so I went to bed early.

Tuesday Easy 11.5k to the Kinnickinick park trails with Alexa, a med student who’s also staying in Sechelt this month. The run to the park is super hilly, so it felt like a good workout even though we kept the pace (mostly) conversational. I noticed I didn’t have as much pep in my step as I often do on Tuesdays.

Wednesday I ran with one of the docs, Simon, at lunch for a zippy 4.5k at 4:20 pace. After work, I did another 12.5k in the trails at a much easier 5:30ish pace. I had planned to do 14, but cut it a bit short because of timing.

Thursday This was supposed to be 12k of hill repeats, but after 8.5k I was really fatigued, so I ended it there. 2x Field Road hill (138m/450ft of elevation)at 4:43/km.

Friday I skipped my run in favour of trying to get home earlier, but traffic and the ferry delay made it a major fail. In hindsight, I probably needed the rest day anyway. When I got home Jan and I ate sushi and watched The Office. 

Saturday I met Alyson for an awesome, easy early am run around the Seawall. It felt SO good to be back in my usual neighbourhood, waking up in my own bed. We did 5:30/km and ended at Whole Foods – honestly amazing.

Sunday We met up with the usual RR crew bright and early for a 33km long run. It rained the WHOLE TIME! I was very cold but very glad to finish. I tried a fasted-ish run (oatmeal an hour before, then water + 1 shot block during, for a 2350 calorie deficit) and actually felt really good.

Total mileage: 80.6km! Even with the rest/cutting off a run or two I’m still happy with the mileage and happy for the chance to listen to my body.


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