Trail Running in the Blue Mountains

I'm starting to figure out how to go from blogging to vlogging! Here's a first try making a video about running the Six Foot Track while we were on our Australia trip!


Rainbow Veggie Bowl

I always take a rest day on Mondays, and sometimes that means I get a little stir-crazy with the extra time. What does that look like? This Monday, I turned my dinner into a stop-motion movie... A rainbow bowl is one of my favourite easy dinners to make - I roast a bunch of veggies (usually …

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Marathon Training – Still Here! I'm finally getting around to a marathon training update! I missed a whole bunch of updates after the 9 weeks out post - things got crazy with on-call weekends, our trip to Toronto and NYC, and my MCCQE. Other than that week on the east coast, when I walked a lot but only ran …

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